At Paper Monsoon, we offer a wide range of services and packages, based on your needs.

Logo & Identity

Let’s face it. The first thing that people usually encounter when they come across your brand is your Logo. Within a split second, most will have already made a decision on whether your product or service is like-able, trustworthy, or quality simply based on that one design alone. This is why we pool our resources to help you tap into your creative ideas and bring them to life in a relatable, unique way.

Graphic Design 

Already have a Logo, but need to do something with it? Let’s get started! We work to create amazing, fresh designs for your needs, while staying true to your Branding and Identity.


From a news-journalist realist perspective and candid photography sessions, to specialized portraits, we channel your creativity and inspiration into each photo to make your vision come to life. We also use conceptual photography to channel your message in a powerful image, in addition to product photography and brand-specific photography.

Art & Illustration

Whether you need customized art or illustration for your own personal spaces, or for a larger concept, we are keen to get creative with you! (And no, we don’t mind being covered in paint for a few days, either.)

Copy Writing

A picture can mean a thousand words, but a great copy writer can tell the story in twenty. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. We take your message and bring direction, clarity and focus to it, with just a bit of spice, emphasizing your brand, and researching to convey accurate information in a comfortable reader-friendly way.


Mix & Match

A part of being creative is being flexible! We customize our services and packages based on what YOU need! Let us know what ideas you have, and let’s get inspired together!

Are you ready to create something amazing? We are!

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